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The Grab Bag of Health

The Grab Bag of Health

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Beginner to Intermediate
CLB 3-4
High School to Adult
Elizabeth Ganong & Dan Ingram
Text 130 pages

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Eventually everyone needs to talk about a health concern. The Grab Bag of Health provides your students with over 90 lessons and activities to develop the English skills they need to address their health issues.

Maybe your students simply want to talk in a casual conversation about how they are feeling, or they may need to describe an illness to a doctor. Everyone needs to know how to make an appointment, cancel an appointment or change an appointment. And what about filling out a medical information form.

Your students will master these skills and many more through practical, enjoyable lessons and activities that teach the appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures. The activities are easy-to-use. They include detailed instructions with introductions and extensions and variations.

The Grab Bag of Health provides the material for students to have meaningful, authentic interactions around health issues so they can interact effectively in real health situations in the community.


•     Hi! How are you?
•     Find Someone Who
•     Response Practice
•     Eating Habits
•     Grocery Cart
•     Grocery Shopping
•     Healthy Shopping Tips
•     Daily Food
•     Sayings Match

•     Your Routine
•     Your Dentist
•     Dental Role Plays
•     Tooth Care

•     Front & Back
•     Head Start
•     Parts of the Body
•     Body Moves
•     Moving Order
•     An Ear for the Body
•     A Head for Letters
•     Idiomatic Body
•     Idiomatic Match-Ups
•     Connected Parts
•     A Healthy Vocabulary

•     Alpha-Health
•     What in the World!
•     Phoning In
•     Ouch!
•     Painful Expressions
•     Traditional or Alternative
•     Remedy Interview
•     If, When, Whenever
•     If I Were You
•     Healthy Ifs
•     Calling for Information
•     Searching for Information
•     Changing an Appointment
•     Form Information
•     Question Form
•     Doctor Talk
•     Question Tag Match-Up
•     Tag Complete
•     Medical Chats
•     Speaking for Someone Else
•     Prepositions
•     Help Is On The Way
•     A Trip to the ER
•     Map It
•     Hospital Locate
•     Sign Meaning
•     Forming by Problem
•     Culture Sharing
•     Health Find
•     Health Challenge
•     Which Word?
•     Opposites Crossword
•     Verb Meaning
•     Before & After
•     Living with Asthma
•     My Friend Jeff
•     Diabetes
•     Expectations
•     Having a Baby
•     Preventative Action
•     Start Talking
•     Jigsaw Stories
•     True or False
•     Discussion Wheel
•     Advice

•     Flyer Search
•     The Coupon Game
•     At the Drugstore
•     Ask For It
•     What Do You Say?
•     Medicine Cabinet
•     Read Carefully
•     Alternatives

•     Sleep for Safety
•     Safety Issues
•     Advice Dominoes
•     Thoughts on Safety
•     Talking Safety
•     Sunshine Quiz

•     Class Openers
•     Mental Health
•     Stressed Out
•     Unwinding
•     In Shape
•     Together is Better

Text 130 pages
ISBN 1-894799-09-7
$59.95 CDN
Price Includes Photocopy Permission for a Single Purchasing School or Purchasing Teacher

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