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English By Heart (audio included)

English By Heart (audio included)

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CLB 1 Literacy - Beginners
High School to Adult
A 12 Story Unit Book For Beginners
Includes an Audio CD
and a 5 Day Lesson Plan for Each Unit
Text 200 pages

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Follow the everyday lives of Cam Hoa Lee, Mike Lee and Kip Wong as they study, work and live in Canada. Each unit includes a detailed five day lesson plan. The units start with a personal story followed by exercises. Story units are used because stories are meaning makers, that is, they create word pictures which touch an emotional cord of meaning for the listener or reader. The content involves the emotions “the heart” and the opportunity to memorize chunks of language “by heart.”

The themes include:
•     Personal Information
•     Going to School
•     In the Morning
•     In the Afternoon
•     In the Evening
•     At Night
•     At the Supermarket
•     A Bad Cold
•     At Work
•     Mike is Sick
•     On the Weekend
•     Going to a Party
•     Opening a Gift

The exercises include:
•     Picture Brainstorm
•     Flashcards
•     Questions & Answers
•     Strip Story
•     Write the Missing Word
•     Listen to the Story
•     Writing
•     Verb Drills
•     Circle the Correct Answer
•     Class Work
•     Read the Story
•     Listening
•     Picture-Sentence Match
•     Circle Yes or No
•     Pair Work
•     Fill in the Blanks
•     Read Aloud
•     Flashcard Drill
•     Cloze
•     Independent Work

Text 200 pages
ISBN 978-1-894799-42-3
$62.95 CDN
Includes Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher

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