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Sophie Wang’s Phonics for Adult ESL Literacy Students: Book 2

 Sophie Wang’s Phonics for Adult ESL Literacy Students: Book 2

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Sophie Wang’s Phonics for Adult ESL Literacy Students: Book 2
CLB 1L, CLB 2L and CLB 3L
Real World Tasks
Audio CD

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Learners: This book is for the students who have mastered foundation literacy skills and basic letter sound knowledge, such as initial consonants, final consonants, short vowels and long vowels. They are ready to expand their vocabulary, work on sentence structure and consonant blends and long/short vowel comparison in this book. The materials would mostly benefit learners at CLB1L, CLB2L and CLB3L levels. As some foundation students may have to be placed in a higher level group, there are also worksheets for Foundation L students.

Real-world Tasks: The ultimate goal of learning any language is for real-world application. Each unit in this book includes word level and sentence level activities to build towards a practical reading or writing task, such as reading a library children’s program schedule or following instructions on a simulated ATM machine. The assessment tools are in PBLA- friendly (Portfolio Based Language Assessment) format.

Learning Strategies: Organizing one’s own unit tasks into the portfolio is a Managing Learning strategy by itself to reflect on the learning experience. This book also includes pair-work activities as a Working Together strategy and a word log option as a Critical Thinking strategy when the students write words of their own choice on an empty word log.

A Learning Cycle: Applying the “whole-part-whole” approach, each unit starts with a mini-dialogue that would prompt group discussion and language experience sharing, followed by various letter-sound recognition, vocabulary building, and sentence structure exercises that will transfer to community application situations. Some post-activities are also included to spiral the content and phonics focus, which can serve as a transition from the reading/writing focus of the phonics unit to a potential listening/speaking learning cycle after.

The modules are:

1. Commercial Services
Final n and m

2. Community and Government Services
Potluck Party
br in broccoli

3. Housing
Repair Request
Long o and Short o

4. Community and Government Services
Short e and Long e

5. Commercial Services
Using an ATM Machine
t in insert

6. Leisure
Sun Safety
  sk and sc

7. Health and Safety
Making a Smoothie
b and p

8. Leisure
Summer Activities
tr in trout

9. Family Life
dr in dryer

ISBN 978-1-894799-92-8, Text 201 pages, Audio included $64.95

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