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Big Things in Canada Book Two CLB 4-6 RWT

Big Things in Canada Book Two  CLB 4-6  RWT

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Big Things In Canada Book Two: CLB 4-6 RWT
Skill Building Exercises and Skill Using Exercises
Real World Tasks
60 Audio Files
Donna Langevin and Thane Ladner
RWT by Ada Demaj

Canada has lots of BIG THINGS along its roadsides. In Oxford you’ll see a gigantic blueberry. Each unit begins with a discussion and vocabulary warm-up. Then a reading about the BIG THING and 20+ pages of relevant, easy-to-use, and fun exercises. There are skill building and skill using exercises. AT the end of each unit is a Real World Task assessment. The price includes 2 audio CDs and most units include a music activity.

The units include:
THE GIANT AXE of NB. Theme: Employment
THE BIG IGLOO found in NWT. Theme: Housing
THE GIGANTIC BLUEBERRY in NS. Theme: Food and Recreation
A SEA MONSTER, A GIANT SQUID in NFLD. Theme: Ordering Food
A GIANT SNOWMAN year round in SK. Theme: Weather
THE BIG FIDDLE of PE. Theme: Community, Music, Parties
There are 130+ exercises plus a Real World Task for each unit.
Some examples of the exercises:
Class Discussion
Mix and Match Vocabulary Preview
Unit Reading
Unit Reading - Cloze
Reading - Ask Your Partner
Make Your Own Wh Questions
Travellers’ Theatre
Indigenous Legends
Listening Exercises
...and many more.
Text 168 pages, ISBN 978-1-894799-64-5, 60 audio tracks, $64.95

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