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Big Things in Canada Book Two CLB 4-6 RWT


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Big Things In Canada Book Two: CLB 4-6 RWT
Skill Building Exercises and Skill Using Exercises
Real World Tasks
60 Audio Files
Donna Langevin and Thane Ladner
RWT by Ada Demaj

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Canada has lots of BIG THINGS along its roadsides. In Oxford you’ll see a gigantic blueberry. Each unit begins with a discussion and vocabulary warm-up. Then a reading about the BIG THING and 20+ pages of relevant, easy-to-use, and fun exercises. There are skill building and skill using exercises. AT the end of each unit is a Real World Task assessment. The price includes 2 audio CDs and most units include a music activity.

The units include:
THE GIANT AXE of NB. Theme: Employment
THE BIG IGLOO found in NWT. Theme: Housing
THE GIGANTIC BLUEBERRY in NS. Theme: Food and Recreation
A SEA MONSTER, A GIANT SQUID in NFLD. Theme: Ordering Food
A GIANT SNOWMAN year round in SK. Theme: Weather
THE BIG FIDDLE of PE. Theme: Community, Music, Parties
There are 130+ exercises plus a Real World Task for each unit.
Some examples of the exercises:
Class Discussion
Mix and Match Vocabulary Preview
Unit Reading
Unit Reading - Cloze
Reading - Ask Your Partner
Make Your Own Wh Questions
Travellers’ Theatre
Indigenous Legends
Listening Exercises
...and many more.
Text 168 pages, ISBN 978-1-894799-64-5, 60 audio tracks, $64.95