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Time and Tide

Time and Tide

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The Life Journey of Two Immigrants

A Reading and Vocabulary Textbook for Students of ESL CLB 4,5,6

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How does it feel:
• To leave your roots and settle in a new country?
• To adapt to a new culture?
• To have to learn a new language?
• To be a single parent?
• To climb your way up the ladder of achievement and acceptance in a new culture?
• To cope with all the challenges which come your way, as a new immigrant?

Time and Tide invites the students to share in the personal experiences of two immigrants, Pat and George, who left their native country, Scotland, to go their separate ways, one to Canada, the other to Australia. Fifty-four years later, they find each other on Facebook, share their life journey by email. Pat, an experienced ESL teacher for thirty years, has put it all together in Time and Tide. Besides the fascinating story of their lives as immigrants, this book offers a variety of integrated classroom activities for ESL students at the CLB levels 4,5,6.

Time and Tide features
• Reinforcements of vocabulary used in reading texts
• Class and group discussions
• Student interviews
• Grammar assistance in supplementary materials
• Writing tasks
• Dictionary skills

Text 97 pages ISBN 978-1-894799-80-5 $49.95 Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher

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