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The Grab Bag of America

The Grab Bag of America

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High Beginner to Intermediate
CLB 3-4
Grade Six to Adult
Elizabeth Ganong & Dan Ingram
Text 146 pages

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It's time to learn about America. The activities included in The Grab Bag of America enable ESL teachers and their students to explore Canada from historical to contemporary perspectives. Students look at America through art, nature, people, structures and so on.

Not only do the activities fully cover the topic at hand, they actively involve students. There are reading exercises, grammatical exercises, interviews, discussions etc. The activities offer introductions and extensions to provide further practice and allow teachers to customize their lessons.

Teachers are encouraged to welcome ESL students to America by inviting The Grab Bag of America into their classrooms.


Angela’s Trip
Arriving in America
Correction & Answer
Starting Out
Panawa’s Story
Interview by Me
Check the True Statement
Irregular Verb Talk
Study Here
Let’s Talk
Conversation Practice
Reported Thoughts
They Told Me
If I’d Known
Making Friends
The Immigrant Experience
Finish the Phrase
I’ve Been Thinking
Since I’ve Arrived
Together & Apart
Opinions About America
How Long Has It Been?
Pamphlet Grab
Stressed Out
What’s the Weather
Weather Talk
Weather to the Extreme
Ice Cold Idioms
Environmentally Speaking
Weather Effects
Compare & Contrast
Opinion Expression
Are These True?
Revision Decision
A Sticky Situation
Have You Ever...?
Hanging Out, US Style
Reporting Ideas
Opinion Exchange
American Culture
Museum Journal
Basketball, Made in America
Batter Up
Coffee Culture
The Culture of Cooking
Hot Off The Grill
How’s Your Diet Changed
Food Guide Pyramid
Pass the Picture
Begins With…
An American Acrostic
Media Watch
America Match
Knowledge Test
Just The Facts
American Quest
Who Can?
About You & Us
American Scrabble
American Word Search
American Words
Historical Firsts
Symbols of the U.S.A.
Our National Emblem
Money, Money, Money
George Washington
A Presidential Chart
The President
Flag Facts
Anthem Questions
Star-Spangled Banner
Special Days in America
Name the Holiday
Describing a Holiday
My Favorite Place
Seeing the Sites
Comparative Parts
Where in the Country?
Placing Prepositions
States Bingo
Tourist Guide
State Tourist Guide
In the Right Direction
Map Find
Symbol Sight
Mapping Ideas
Article “The”
“S” Endings
Traveling Advice
State Abbreviations - The Northeast
State Abbreviations - The Midwest
State Abbreviations - The South
State Abbreviations - The West
From East to West
State Puzzle
Ali & Marcos
Industrious America
Native Americans
The Legend of Sedna
Show Me the Way
A Sappy Exercise
Forced Immigration
Racism: Stop It!
The American People
Becoming a Citizen
If... Citizenship
Citizenship Tags
Before & After Interview
The Constitution
Write About Rights
Civics By Numbers
Voting Choices
From Bill to Law
New Laws
Discovering Our History
Answer Key
General Index

Text 146 pages
ISBN 978-1-894799-16-4
$62.95 CDN
Price Includes Photocopy Permission for a Single Purchasing School or Purchasing Teacher

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