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Sandy's ESL Chants & Activities - Book One

Sandy's ESL Chants & Activities - Book One

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Varied Levels - Beginner to Intermediate (CLB 2-5)
Sandy’s ESL Chants and Exercises for Adults: Book One
Includes an Audio CD (97 Tracks)
Sandy Offeinheim
180 Pages + an Audio CD

Take A Look Inside

This book/audio CD kit is lively and fun to use. Sandy’s students often tell her, “English is a crazy language!” There are so many rules and exceptions, irregular verbs, homonyms etc. If it’s not crazy, it is certainly tricky. Sandy created a series of ESL chants, listening exercises and worksheets to help students deal with this tricky language. Each unit starts with an ESL chant that introduces the grammar point. This is followed by exercises to expand upon and reinforce the grammar point.
The exercises include:

  1. board games     
  2. scrambled sentences     
  3. illustrated activities     
  4. interviews
  5. idioms/expressions     
  6. follow instructions     
  7. listening     
  8. speaking
  9. tongue twisters     
  10. fill in the blanks     
  11. readings     
  12. comprehension questions
  13. true or false     
  14. dialogues     
  15. writing
  16. and more

The units include:

  1. That’s What Adjectives Are For
  2. Homonyms Are Everywhere
  3. Prepositions Seldom Take a Vacation / Preposition Rap
  4. Should Shouldn’t
  5. I-Me-Do-Dilly-Dee
  6. Borrow Lend
  7. Patterns, Exceptions, Remember!

Text 180 pages ISBN 978-1-894799-78-2 $64.95 Includes Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher. Price includes an Audio CD

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