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Putting Language into Practice Series - Grammar Activities for Pairs and Small Groups - Advanced

Putting Language into Practice Series - Grammar Activities for Pairs and Small Groups - Advanced

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Grammar Activities for Pairs and Small Groups

Middle School to Adults
Bill Vizard & Carol Vizard
Text 197 pages

Putting Language into Practice puts grammar points into context. If you and your students would like a change from the old pencil and paper drill sheets, this is the book for you. In addition to reading and writing, your students will also be listening and speaking. This three-book series is a communicative, student centered and empowering approach to language acquisition through interactive, hands-on tasks and activities. Everything you as the instructor need for facilitating dynamic lessons is laid out, step-by-step.

•     Target Language
•     Getting Ready Section
•     Tasks
•     Alternative Tasks
•     Follow-Up Tasks
•     Student Self-Checking Answer Sheets
•     Further Suggestions

All the material you need for the activity is, photocopiable, ready-to-go and in the book. The students work in pairs or small groups. There are questionnaires, prompt cards, fill-in charts, discussion/interview sheets, flash cards and more. In all there are more than three dozen easy-to-play activities. In addition to grammar points the lessons cover relevant themes.

The table of contents is laid out so teachers can see at a glance the factors relevant to their lesson planning. In addition to activity title and page number, teachers will easily find the type of material used (i.e. prompt cards, questionnaires etc.), the target language, the student grouping, the number of tasks and the approximate time to complete the tasks.

The lessons in Putting Language into Practice – Advanced include:

•     Relative Adjective Clauses
•     Time Connectors
•     As Soon, Until, Before, After, Once, & While
•     Unless
•     In Case
•     Provided That
•     Even If
•     Should Have
•     Modal Verbs for Possibility
•     Tag Questions
•     Past Perfect Tense
•     Reported Speech
•     Conditionals
•     The Passive
•     Compound Nouns
•     Prepositions
•     Synonyms
•     Antonyms
•     Prefix & Suffix
•     Phrasal Verbs
•     Noun to Verbs
•     Verbs to Adjective
•     Crime
•     Cooking
•     Theatre
•     Journalism
•     North American vs British English
•     Personal Style & Shopping
•     Consumer Culture
•     Change
•     Relationships
•     Kissing
•     Gender
•     Sex Education
•     Liar Liar
•     Stress
•     Cloning

Text 197 pages ISBN 1-894799-06-2
Price Includes Photocopy Permission for Purchasing School or One Purchasing Teacher    $62.95

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