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Let's Move On Book Four - Using Suffixes To Expand Vocabulary

Let's Move On Book Four - Using Suffixes To Expand Vocabulary

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Book 4: Suffixes of Description
1. -ive
2. -ish
3. -ic
4. -al
5. -ly
Marilee Carlson
152 pages

Take A Look Inside

Book 4 focuses on suffixes that help describe something.
In Lesson 1, connective tissue is tissue that connects.
In Lesson 2, a clayish material is material that resembles clay.
In Lesson 3, an allergic reaction is a reaction caused by an allergy.
In Lesson 4, a hexagonal shape is a shape that looks like a hexagon.
In Lesson 5, someone who drives safely drives in a safe way.
Suffixes 1-4 create adjectives that describe nouns or pronouns.
Suffix 5 creates an adverb that usually describes a verb, although it can occasionally describe an adjective or another adverb.

The Lesson Plan For Each Unit
1. A basic presentation of the eight parts of speech and their functions in English sentences.
2. The suffixes/prefixes are introduced.
3. The first page of the Unit is filled out together as a class.
4. A matching activity provides further introduction to the suffixes and prefixes.
5. A list of common words that contain the suffix/prefix is discussed as a class.
6. Sentence Practice A. In the cloze activity students choose words from the Word Bank, alter them and complete the sentences.
7. Sentence Practice B gives students a structured opportunity to change an underlined word to a new word with the suffix/prefix and make an altered sentence e.g., Sam bakes pies and cakes. / Sam is a baker. The words to be changed are underlined in Part B of each practice.
8. Sentence Practice C is the same as B but the students are asked to determine on their own which words to change. All of the words to be changed are included in the list found on the second page of the Unit, so students will always be able to refer to the list to see which words in the practice sentences can be combined with the suffix/prefix.
9. Unit Review - Sentence Practice Quiz: Students are presented with sentences from the previous sentence exercises and they are required to change a word to a new word with the suffix/prefix and make an altered sentence.
10. Unit Review - Four In A Row: Students attempt to place four consecutive markers in any direction on the board by giving correct sentences using the words given with a Unit suffix or prefix.
11. Unit Review - Dominos: Root word and suffix/prefix pieces are paired to make a word. Students can begin with 5 dominos and take turns constructing some sort of shape (circle, rectangle, house, car) by forming correctly spelled words
12. Unit Review - A Board Game: Players move around the board by making new words that contain a suffix/prefix joined to the word on the card that has been drawn. Depending on the degree of difficulty desired, players can be asked to spell the new word. They can also be asked to use the word in a sentence.

Let’s Move ON Book 4 Text 151 pages ISBN 978-1-894799-58-4$59.95 Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher

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