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Here and Now

Here and Now

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Advanced - CLB 6, 7 - High School to Adult
Here & Now
Essays and Exercises About Life in the Modern World
PLUS Audio Files and 10 RWT
Fran Marshall & Georgie Binks
Text 120 pages

Take A Look Inside

Georgie writes with intelligence, humour, from the heart and with a point of view. We should have called this book agree or disagree. Your students are bound to have their own point of view and we encourage them to express it. The topics are thought provoking but not controversial - we want the students to express a point of view, not get into a fight. In the introduction we provide sentence starters that teach students how to politely, and in a civil manner, express a point of view.

The Essays:
An Ode to Dear Old - and New - Dads
     (The role of fathers.)           
A Mother's Work Is Always Done          
     (The role of mothers.)
The Real Problem with Kids and Computers          
     (Is the internet addictive?)
Shopping Hell                    
     (Poor customer service.)
Let's Kick Tobacco Companies In The Butt          
     (Smoking and health risks.)
     (Women do most of the volunteer work.)
Let Men Have Equal Rights To Separate Spaces          
     (Is it separate or is it excluding others?)
Men Living At Home                          
     (Family issues - At what age should children leave home?)
Don't Delete. This Could Save Your Life
     (Urban myths on the internet.)               
Now That We Have Everything Else How About Spirituality
     (The place of religion in the modern life.)     

The exercises by Fran Marshall are interesting, relevant to upper level students and cover all four skills.
The exercises include:
Exercise A - Introductory Discussion
Exercise B - Vocabulary Study and Listening
Exercise C - Part One - Guided Reading - Scanning
Exercise C - Part Two - Reading the Lines - and Reading Between the Lines
Exercise D - Part One - Idiomatic Expressions
Exercise D - Part Two - True/False Sentences
Exercise D - Part Three - Phrasal Verbs
Exercise E - Writing Assignments
Exercise E - Part Two - Discussion Topics
Exercise F - Part One - Interview Assignments
Exercise F - Part Two - Streeters - Have Your Say!
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Text 120 pages ISBN 978-1-894799-41-6
$62.95 Includes Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or Teacher

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