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Big Things In Canada: Book One

Big Things In Canada: Book One

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Intermediate - CLB 4-6
Readings, Exercises and Two Audio CD
Donna Langevin & Thane Ladner

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Canada has lots of BIG THINGS along its roadsides. In Duncan BC you’ll see the world’s largest hockey stick. It’s 62 metres long and it has a giant puck to go with it! Each unit begins with a discussion and vocabulary warm-up. Then a reading about the BIG THING and 20+ pages of relevant, easy-to-use, and fun exercises. Many of the lessons are geared toward CLB Benchmarks and LINC themes. The price includes 2 audio CDs and most units include a music activity.

The units include:

  • In Duncan BC you’ll find the world’s largest hockey stick. Don’t try to pick it up, it weighs 28, 3338 kilos! It’s 62 metres long! It comes with an enormous hockey puck.
  • In Yukon there is a huge historical monument. It’s bigger than a house; in fact it’s a whole city called Dawson City. It’s the Gold Rush city!
  • Welcome to Drumheller, the Dinosaur Capital of North America and home to the world's largest dinosaur sculpture. At 25 metres tall and 46 metres long.
  • The town of Komarno, which means mosquito in Ukrainian, calls itself the Mosquito Capital of Canada. In Komarno you can also see a 4.6 meter statue of a giant mosquito.
  • In the town of Cochrane, Ontario, a 10 metre long polar bear made from fibreglass greets visitors at the entrance to the town. His name “Chimo,” is an Inuit word that means “welcome” or “I am friendly.”
  • Up north in Nunavut there’s a big person standing in the centre of the town of Rankin Inlet. This person is 5.3 metres tall, 4.25 metres wide, made of stone and is called an inuksuk.
  • In the town of Baie Comeau, Quebec, there’s a big sculpture of a canoe. It reminds us how important the canoe is in Canadian history

The exercises include:

  • Reading     
  • Illustrations     
  • Ask Your Partner     
  • Write a Sentence
  • Find Someone Who Bingo     
  • Interview Sheets     
  • Reading for Information     
  • Make a Question
  • Dashes     
  • Separate The Words     
  • Crosswords     
  • Internet Ads
  • Travellers’ Theatre     
  • Grammar Activities     
  • Listening for Information     
  • Native Legends
  • Comic Strips     
  • Idioms     
  • Business & Services      
  • Follow Instructions
  • Map & Instructions     
  • Reading Ads     
  • Telephone Dialogues     
  • ...and many more.

Text 192 pages, 2 Audio CDs ISBN 978-1-894799-64-5

$64.95 Includes Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher

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