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20 Things Your Beginner Students Should Know

20 Things Your Beginner Students Should Know

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20 Things Your Beginner Students Need To Know
CLB - Beginner
Middle School to Adult
Heather Hovdebo

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This is a must have for any site. Heather Hovedebo found that before many ESL texts could be used beginner students need to have a grasp of some basic skills in English. She needs to teach lessons such as listening and following directions, sequencing, numbers, symbols and shapes or names of letters. In this 60 page book Heather provides easy-to-use lessons for your beginner students.

The lessons include:

  1.      Saying Hello and Good-bye     
  2.      Names of Letters          
  3.      Days of Week and Months of Year
  4.      Numbers               
  5.      Personal Information Form     
  6.      Questions
  7.      Punctuation               
  8.      Plurals                    
  9.      Plural for Special Words
  10.      Symbols and Shapes          
  11.      Prepositions               
  12.      Listening and Following Directions
  13.      Regular Verb Journal          
  14.      The Verb Be and Pronouns     
  15.      Contractions with the Verb Be
  16.      Use of A or An               
  17.      Syllables               
  18.      Alphabetical Ordering
  19.      True and False               
  20.      Rhyming               
  21.      Sequencing
  22.      Common Abbreviations Used in Housing

Text 60 pages
ISBN 978-1-894799-32-4
$44.95 CDN
Includes Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher

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