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When's the Next Holiday? Canadian Celebrations: Book One


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Junior School to Adult
Book One Holidays: New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Victoria Day & Father’s Day
Joseph Pino Macchia, Donna Langevin, Thane Ladner,
Sandy Offenheim & Nicole Vermond
Text 140 pages

This two book series is my all time best seller! Each holiday chapter has 20+ ready-to-go pages of readings and activities. The students enjoy doing these exercises. There are over 150 illustrations in each book.

The units are great for ESL and Canadian culture.

The holidays include:
New Year
Valentine’s Day
Mother’s Day
Victoria Day
Father’s Day

The exercises include:

picture vocabulary
an essay that explains the origin of the holiday and how it’s celebrated
comprehension questions
true or false
definitions of key vocabulary
word spirals
word find
scrambled words
dear pen pal
idioms and expressions
find someone who
interview your classmates
language/grammar function
learners' stories
answer key

Text 140 pages
ISBN 978-0-9680797-2-0
$49.95 Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing School or One Purchasing Teacher