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Oh, Canada! 15 Upbeat Canadian News Stories CLB 4-5 plus RWT


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Oh, Canada! CLB 4-5

Stories By Marieke Meyer

Editing, Exercises and Real World Tasks by Ada Demaj

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I’m always amazed by stories about ordinary Canadian people. Often I laugh and shake my head in awe, and think, “Oh, Canada, what amazing people we have living in this country, and what amazing stories we have to tell.” That’s the origin and title of this book: Oh, Canada! The 15 stories are upbeat with happy endings, and for most of them, happy beginnings too. We selected stories relevant to LINC themes, CLB and PBLA.

You’ll meet a kind train conductor, a young fiddler who honours his elders, a woman who was treated unjustly and now has her picture on the $10 bill, a young man who’s made millions playing video games, a young woman who’s an inventor, two lost hikers rescued by a dog, a fish and chips loving customer who used the internet to help a man’s restaurant, a teenage swimmer who has won medals at the Olympic Games, a crow with 120,000 Facebook followers, a young woman who rode her horse through a snowstorm to bring coffee and food to a stranded trucker, a writer who owns a house for refugees, a retired man who knits socks so homeless people can stay warm in the winter, a man known as the Raptors Superfan, a plumber who found a gold bar under a bathtub and an astronaut who plays guitar in space. We guarantee you’ll love these stories, and so will your students!

“Oh Canada!” is a collaboration between longtime CBC Radio Producer Marieke Meyer and ESL teacher Ada Demaj. Marieke wrote the stories and Ada edited the stories for ESL, wrote the skill building and skill using exercises and Real World Task (RWT) Assessments. Yes, Oh Canada! is PBLA friendly. Our goal was to create thematic modules of skill building and skill using exercises that conclude with a RWT assessment. There are also 30 audio tracks. Not only will you find “Oh Canada!” relevant and useful, but you’ll find that it’s a pleasure to use in your class.

ISBN 978-1-894799-93-5, Text 212 pages, 30 audio files, $64.95