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Listening, Reading & Writing, PLUS Assessment - CLB 1-4 - Janet Kan - Includes 2 CDs


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Listening, Reading & Writing, PLUS Assessment

CLB 1-4

Includes 2 CDs

Janet Kan  

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This book was developed in 3 sections. The first section, Listening Skills, focuses on multi-purpose listening exercises. They require time and repetition. The skills that are developed can then be applied in the various contexts of the second section of the book.

The listening exercises include letters of the alphabet, numbers, names, licence plates, postal codes, phones numbers, addresses, maps, messages, one-sided phone messages & dictations. The second section, Reading & Writing, incorporates the use of the skills from section 1, but focuses largely on reading and writing in specific contexts, although there are suggestions for some oral applications to those contexts as well.

The reading & writing section includes Invitations, dates, times, answering an invitation (accepting and refusing), notes, telephone messages, letters, addressing envelopes, forms, and greeting cards (phrases and symbols).

The third section, Assessment, contains 13 assessment sheets. Great for PBLA binders. The author also includes an 8 week outline on how to use the lessons.


Text 165 pages ISBN 978-1-894799-81-2 $59.95

Includes Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher

2 CDs Included in Price