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English for Living & Working in Canada (audio included)


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High Beginner to Intermediate
Adult Settlement
Dani McArthur
Text 272 Pages

This kit was written by a LINC instructor. Her students had all kinds of settlement issues that required language lessons. This life skills/ESL kit is geared to the needs of adult newcomers to Canada. It includes a reproducible student workbook, a teacher’s guide and an audio CD all for one price.
Units include:

The audio tape has 25 selections to be used in conjunction with exercises in the workbook. The selections include cloze dialogue, conversations, interviews and jazz chants.

Text 272 pages ISBN 978-1-896039-02-2
Audio CD, $20 value, is free with purchase of the text.
$62.95 Price Includes Photocopy Permission for Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher