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CLB 2 & 3 Listening Resource Employment


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CLB 2 & 3 Employment

Listening Activities and PBLA Assessments

Includes 3 Audio CDs

By Cheryl Edmonds


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ESL instructors know that for students working towards CLB 2 and 3, how difficult it is to find real world recordings that these  levels can understand. This resource was created to make planning and assessing of listening easier.


Each unit has three practice activities, using all three will ensure everything is covered. The second listening activity in each unit is in the same format as the assessment. The CDs have multiple tracks so that you can repeat the parts your students need to hear again.


               Units Include: 

               1. Networking    

               2. Job Interview    

               3. Supply / Merchandise Placement

               4. Job Safety    

               5. Requests from Supervisors and Co-workers   

               6. Interacting with Co-workers


ISBN 978-1-894799-89-8

Text 155 pages and 3 CDs


 Photocopy permission for purchasing site or teacher.