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Books That Come With Audio

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ISBN 978-1-894799-97-3 Body & Ailments + Health & Pharmacy (audio included) CA$62.95
978-1-894799-31-71 Education and Community (audio included) CA$62.95
ISBN 978-1-894799-37-91 Food, Supermarket and Cooking (audio included) CA$62.95
ISBN 978-1-896039-02-21 English for Living & Working in Canada (audio included) CA$62.95
ISBN 978-1-894799-25-61 Family and Relationships (audio CD included) CA$62.95
978-1-894799-87-4 What's In My Home? - CLB 1-2+ (audio CD included) CA$44.95
978-1-894799-88-1 1 What’s In My Neighbourhood? CLB 1-2+ (audio CD included) CA$44.95
978-1-894799-86-71 Where Do I Live? CLB 1-2+ (audio CD included) CA$44.95
978-1-894799-90-4 Education Module Literacy Foundation & 1L Fauzia Anis CA$59.95
ISBN 978-1-894799-42-311 English By Heart (audio included) CA$62.95
ISBN 978-1-894799-78-211 Sandy's ESL Chants & Activities - Book One CA$64.95
978-1-894799-79-91 Sandy's ESL Chants and Activities: Book 2 Mostly Pronunciation CA$64.95