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10 Canadians I'd Like to Meet


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High Beginner - Low Intermediate
Pat Dyck, Josephine Lim & Thane Ladner
Includes an audio CD

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Canadians are fascinating people. They have wonderful stories that often include hard work, talent, overcoming obstacles, turning misfortune to fortune and sometimes just good timing. The book includes stories about Canadians with 150 pages of exercises. The exercises cover reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

•     Adrienne Clarkson - From Refugee to GG
•     Carol Huynh - Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler
•     Stephen Harper - Prime Minister
•     David Suzuki - Scientist
•     John McCrae - War Poet
•     Ryan Hreljac - Raises Money for Wells
•     Rose Fortune - First Policewoman in Canada
•     Tim Horton - Hockey Player/ Businessman
•     Bill Reid - Aboriginal Artist
•     Julie Payette - Astronaut

Text 180 pages ISBN 978-1-894799-68-3
$62.95 Photocopy Permission for One Purchasing Site/School or One Purchasing Teacher