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Welcome to Canadian Resources for ESL and ESL RESOURCES

Buy Once - Photocopy Forever

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Here is the deal on photocopy permission.

  1. Photocopy permission for a single purchasing school/site/address - Photocopies are for ESL/literacy students attending classes at the purchasing address. If you have 5 addresses, youíll need to buy 5 books.
  2. Photocopy permission for a purchasing teacher - Photocopies are for ESL/literacy students attending the purchasing teacherís classes.
  3. We do not sell to resource centres that service more than one address.
  4. We do not give permission for school boards to service more than one school/site from a single book.
  5. We do not give permission for anyone to photocopy from a photocopy of the books.

Play Fair - Respect Copyright

Canadian Resources for ESL
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Toronto ON M4J 3L9

Tel 416-466-7875 Toll Free Tel 1-866-833-9485 Toll Free Fax 1-888-342-7657

Canadian Resources for ESL


Since 1993

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